This Is Game Changing!

15th September 2020

Most people make it look like a WAR. One of hard work, long hours, busyness, trying harder and doing more. (I know I did). BUT Creating the changes we really want in life and business is really a GAME. A game of becoming. The order of play is BE > DO > HAVE; not the […]

3 RULES for Getting What You Really Want (and the TRAPS that keep people STUCK)

2nd September 2020

3 RULES FOR GETTING WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. 1. DECIDE Most never take time to do this…so they drift or sell themselves short. Some make the big mistake of making it ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Money’s important. It’s a vehicle for other things BUT what we REALLY want is NEVER all about the money. Deciding […]

13 Things I Learned from a Decade of Failing

31st August 2020

I don’t talk much about my years of struggle. Not because I’m ashamed or embarrassed; it’s just that there’s no real value to be had in doing so. The value is in taking the lessons learned and flipping them. Flipping them to create success. I awoke this morning with a question in my mind. No […]


18th August 2020

  If we fuel a petrol engine with diesel or a diesel engine with petrol, the consequences show up fast. We’re swiftly moved to remedy the error and are (usually) more alert to choosing the correct fuel in future! If we fuel our bodies with low quality, fast-food, trans-fats and refined carbs, the consequences show […]

Are You Blocking Your Own Success?

17th August 2020

Are you making this success-blocking mistake? If so, doing what I share here will literally change your life. (Note: This applies not just to business but to any aspect of our lives). Word for word, here’s what I was asked on Friday afternoon…. “Rob, can you help? I just can’t figure out how my new business can really […]

5 Things worth Knowing about Beliefs and Assumptions.

27th July 2020

We all have beliefs and we all make assumptions. About everything. About people, relationships, health, wealth, life, death, money, business etc…. About what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s appropriate or inappropriate, what’s rude or polite, what’s acceptable, unacceptable, cheap, expensive, easy, difficult, dangerous, safe, etc., etc. The list is potentially endless. On a day-to-day basis […]

Financial Thermostats and How To Adjust Yours

23rd July 2020

If you live in a home with central heating, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the role the thermostat plays in regulating temperature. When the temperature drops below the pre-programmed setting, the thermostat signals the boiler to fire up and bring the temperature back up. When the set temperature is reached, the thermostat registers this […]

This is Where All the Gold is…

22nd July 2020

If you want to transform some aspect of your life and ensure the change is significant, sustainable and not dependent on willpower and personal exertion, there really is only one way to achieve this. One I wish I’d understood a long time ago. It might have saved a few mirrors. 🙂

Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

21st July 2020

If you’ve ever tried to combat negative thoughts with positive thoughts and wondered why it doesn’t work (despite people telling you it does), this short video explains why. You’ve got to get to the root!  

My Favourite Tool For Getting Out Of A Funk.

12th July 2020

We all get into a mental funk from time to time. Funks are the net result of becoming emotionally involved with thoughts which are not aligned with what it is we want. Truth be told, I used to spend more time in a funk than out of one. Thankfully funk time is rare for me now but […]

Controversial? Maybe But It Needs To Be Said.

25th June 2020

This may be a little controversial. But I feel strongly about this….. There are too many people wasting too much time, energy and money for this not to be more widely understood. If you’ve been wanting to create change in your life or business for a while, this video is designed to help you understand […]

Why We Fail To Create The Change We Really Want

18th June 2020

We’re creatures of habit. Our lives and our results are a reflection of our habits. Our habitual thoughts, feelings and actions. We may think we’re making conscious choices as we go through our days but we’re fooling ourselves to believe this. 95% of our thoughts and actions are habitual. So, to create change, we must […]

3 Reasons Your Sales Team’s Performance is so Predictable.

10th June 2020

Whether you run a sales team or you’re a member of one, there’s something you can probably predict with a fair degree of accuracy. Which is who will be the best and worst performers in the sales team this month, next month, next quarter or even the following quarter. Why is this? Why are sales […]

Is This Killing Your Success?

1st June 2020

One of the biggest barriers to growth / causes of failure among entrepreneurs and business owners today is a lack of FOCUS. Focus requires discipline and practice. (Especially in times of change). The ability to focus is derived from flexing and strengthening our mental muscle of will. Will – as distinct from willpower – gives […]

The Only Way To Get Unstuck

21st May 2020

Everyone gets stuck at some point in their life. Even the ‘gurus’ who pretend otherwise. Different people become stuck with different things. Money, career, income, sales, business growth, relationships, health, weight, etc. They want more / better / different but try as they might, they can’t seem to make it happen. At least not over […]

Stop Lying To Yourself.

26th July 2019

“If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me. Not the me I think you think I should be. Not the me I think my wife thinks I should be. Not the me I think my kids think I should be. If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me……. So […]

It’s Easy To Believe What We Believe Is True.

1st July 2019

It’s easy for us to believe that what we believe is actually true. It’s more difficult to accept that our ‘results’ are in fact a reflection of our beliefs. It’s easy to blame our ‘results’ on other “things”.. …like people, situations or circumstances. …like the market, the economy, the business, the boss or Brexit. …like […]

A Secret Weapon For Winning The Day

19th June 2019

Do you ever wake up feeling just….. grateful? I believe gratitude is like a secret weapon for winning the day and it’s a skill which can be developed over time. Every day we’re bombarded with crap about money, the economy, politics and with what’s wrong in the world. Crap which can set us up for […]

What Other People Think Of You…

15th May 2019

I this video I talk about why what other people may think about should be none of our business. Why is it we so often put our fear of what others might think in front of what we want for ourselves and our families? When we stop ourselves from doing something we know how to […]

A Formula For Staying Stuck

26th April 2019

I don’t mind sharing with you that for many years of my life I was really badly stuck. I won’t bore you with the details but it was emotionally painful and costly on many levels. What I didn’t know back then was that I was unwittingly following a simple, commonly used and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FORMULA […]

The BIG Problem with (most) Sales Training

12th April 2019

The purpose of this article is to highlight why sales training so rarely delivers either the desired uplift in (longer-term) sales performance or the anticipated return on investment. Before continuing, I’d like to be clear this article is not in any way written to have a go at or diminish the importance of sales training […]

An Essential Habit For Success – Have You Got It?

4th March 2019

The Habit Of Persistence. “Those who have cultivated the habit of persistence seem to enjoy insurance against failure.” In his book ‘Think & Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill devotes an entire chapter to persistence and how essential it is if we are to succeed in accomplishing our deepest desires. As opposed to persistence being something we’ve […]

How To Do Positive Affirmations – Are You Missing These 3 Elements?

28th February 2019

Using positive affirmations to effect positive change in our lives may be a common strategy but the reality is that the vast majority of people who try them don’t experience any significant or lasting change. In this video I talk about why this is and about some of the elements which are essential to our […]

7 Levels Of Awareness – Which Are You On?

13th February 2019

If we want to achieve a (big) goal that’s been eluding us for some time, it’s likely we need to raise our level of awareness before we’ll accomplish the goal. There are 7 levels of awareness (consciousness) and while we may each bounce back and forward between levels from time to time, every person primarily […]

We Don’t See With Our Eyes

30th January 2019

Why do some people see opportunity in something when others don’t? Why do some people see things as logical and possible when others see them as illogical, impossible or even delusional? In this video I talk about how we don’t see the world around us through our eyes; we see it through our beliefs. Therefore […]

The Power Of Committed Decisions

25th January 2019

Decision-making isn’t something we’re taught about at school or University. As such we go through our lives without an understanding of the meaning of decision or of how important decision-making is to our success in life. In this video I talk about the power of committed decisions and how our understanding of this can serve […]

How To Live An Authentic Life … And Why It’s So Important

16th November 2017

We’re told how important it is for us to be authentic. We must show up as ourselves if we want to get the best out of life. Yet, how can we be authentic if we don’t understand who we really are? I spent the vast majority of my life thinking I was being authentic only […]