13 Things I Learned from a Decade of Failing

31st August 2020

I don’t talk much about my years of struggle. Not because I’m ashamed or embarrassed; it’s just that there’s no real value to be had in doing so.

The value is in taking the lessons learned and flipping them.

Flipping them to create success.

I awoke this morning with a question in my mind. No idea why.

The question was:

“Rob, if you were asked what some of the things you learned from failing were, what would you say?”

Whilst I believe I learned many more than 13 things from a decade (or two) of struggling and failing, here are the things that were top of mind when I sat down to answer the question earlier.

Whether you’re struggling or soaring or somewhere in between, I hope there’s some value in here for you…..

1. Without a clear and compelling vision, you’re always going to drift.

2. None of us can ever outperform our self-image. Developing it provides huge rewards.

3. The conscious mind knows and wants but it’s the subconscious mind that does and gets.

4. Procrastination and indecision kill more dreams than most other things combined.

5. The problem is never a lack of resources or not knowing how, it’s a lack of resourcefulness.

6. You really can’t afford to be bothered by what other people might think of you.

7. You’re never alone in your struggles – most people have an internal battle going on of which we know nothing. Be kind.

8. Happiness and gratitude don’t follow success, they precede it.

9. That restless feeling is the unexpressed potential within seeking expression without. Honour it.

10. You’re never truly stuck. You just need to shift how you think. Adopting a new mental diet changes everything.

11. We each have it within us to be, do and have whatever it is we really want. The only permission we need to succeed is our own.

12. The changes you want to make on the outside happen fastest when you make the changes on the inside first.

13. We’re not here to settle. We’re here to soar. Never settle.