5 Things worth Knowing about Beliefs and Assumptions.

27th July 2020

We all have beliefs and we all make assumptions.

About everything.

About people, relationships, health, wealth, life, death, money, business etc….

About what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s appropriate or inappropriate, what’s rude or polite, what’s acceptable, unacceptable, cheap, expensive, easy, difficult, dangerous, safe, etc., etc.

The list is potentially endless.

On a day-to-day basis we may not have much cause to question our beliefs or assumptions.

After all, if they’re true for us, why would we?

Here are 5 reasons we might want to..

1. Most of our beliefs and assumptions are not really our own.

Whether or not we’re aware of it, we inherit the majority of our beliefs and assumptions from others.

The bulk of them are acquired in early childhood – from typically well-meaning parents and other early influencers – before we have the ability to consciously choose whether we want to accept or reject them as our own.

As such, beliefs and assumptions are commonly passed down from one generation to the next and from person to person without ever being questioned or examined for truth…

Beliefs such as:- “money is hard to earn”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you mustn’t talk to strangers”, “money is the root of all evil”, “doing that is bad for your health”, “it runs in our family”, “if you want to make money, you’ve got to work really hard”, ” if you want security, you need to get a proper job”, “you’re not bright enough”…. 

Our beliefs are also picked up in our later life through observation and through accepting what others tell us or show us.

Whether it’s friends, family, colleagues, the press, authors, those we admire and respect or some other source of information, we’re frequently open to adopting their beliefs as our own.

  2. Our beliefs are frequently in conflict with one another.

We hold our beliefs in two parts of the mind. In our conscious mind and in our subconscious mind.

This in itself causes countless problems for countless people…. (especially with regard to earning money, and losing weight)..

The reason being that it’s the conscious mind which is responsible for what we want in life.

The conscious mind is designed to want. It wants more / better / different.

The conscious mind is the part of the mind we use to set our GOALS and our intentions and to originate and build our desires.

The conscious mind is the part of our mind that knows we can do better than we’re doing.

BUT the conscious mind is NOT responsible for our actions, behaviours and results.

In fact, although it’s designed to be, it’s not even responsible for most of our thinking!

And that’s because of the beliefs and conditioning stored in our subconscious mind.

Beliefs we’ve inherited or have accepted as true and then re-enforced, often unwittingly through our own, internal conversations.

The reason this is such a problem is that it’s our subconscious beliefs that dictate our results in life.

For example, we may hold a conscious desire to double our income and work half the time or achieve some other goal.

We may also have a conscious belief and innate knowledge that we’re capable of it….. (because we are!)

BUT, if the subconscious belief isn’t aligned with the conscious belief or intention, it will either never happen or will never be sustained.

Subconscious beliefs are like programmes. They run the show.

Subconscious beliefs hijack our thinking and feelings and they drive our actions and behaviours (or lack of them) which in turn determine our results.

So, despite ‘consciously’ wanting to earn a certain amount of money or hit a certain target….. and despite ‘consciously’ believing  we’re capable of it and knowing what to do, the truth is we’ll ultimately only ever achieve or sustain results which are in line with our subconscious beliefs!

Try as we might and brilliant as we may know we are, we can never out-perform the subconscious programming!

The subconscious mind is responsible for 95% – 98% of all our actions and behaviours so, if we’re to significantly change our results, we’ve got to change our beliefs at a subconscious level.

There is no other way.

  3. Our subconscious beliefs and assumptions will always come to meet us as our truth.

This is a concept that many find almost impossible to ‘believe’ as true.

Partly because in accepting it as being true (which it is), it forces us to take responsibility in ways we don’t otherwise have to.

Yet, if we truly grasp that our personal reality – including the way other people show up in our experience, our health, our income, finances, wealth, productivity, relationships etc. – is simply a reflection / mirror of our beliefs and assumptions, we empower ourselves to create the changes we most want.

When we realise we are the only ones who ever need to change, we truly step into our power to create.

It may be tempting to point the finger at others but others only show up in our experience based on our underlying beliefs and assumptions about them!

Deny it as we might, our beliefs and assumptions – although not the truth, over time become our truth.

  4. Our beliefs and assumptions can be readily changed.

Beliefs and assumptions can be changed. It may not always be easy but it is simple.

Beliefs are not set in stone.

Many people – particularly in the world of coaching or personal development – will tell you subconscious beliefs are hard to change.

I used to believe this too but this in itself is just a belief which leads to creating that experience.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

The key to changing results quickly is to look at what it is you want to create in your experience and to then determine what beliefs and assumptions you would need to hold in order to create this in your reality.

For example, you may like to find it easier to earn more money.

(Your current experience will tell you what you currently believe or assume to be true about earning money).

So you may currently have beliefs and assumptions such as “money is hard to earn”, “I never seem to have enough money”, “new clients are hard to find”, “prospects take a long time to make decisions”, ” the economy is going to make things tough for a while”.

And make no mistake, holding those thoughts, beliefs and assumptions is going to guarantee you create an experience which makes them your truth!

On the other hand, you could create a new set of assumptions and beliefs which are aligned with your desires (i.e. which are the opposite of the ones above) and which will, if you remain faithful to them, become your truth. (Even if you don’t yet believe it!)

(Remaining faithful to the new beliefs and assumptions until they become your truth is where most people struggle and ultimately give up).

5. Organisational beliefs and assumptions are highly infectious.

As already discussed, most of our beliefs and assumptions are inherited. They then become our truth and are re-enforced through experience.

The culture in a business or organisation is really an aggregate of the behaviours of those within the organisation.

As behaviours stem from thoughts and feelings and these are largely driven by beliefs and assumptions (which become true), it pays to ensure certain beliefs and assumptions are maintained and cultivated whilst others are eliminated completely.

Several years ago I worked with an organisation where people believed their product was hard to sell and that it took their clients several weeks to reach a decision on whether they were going to buy or not.

These beliefs were true for them and of course they could be beautifully defended.

(People will usually want to defend their beliefs even when their beliefs are not serving them to create their desired results!)

This business defended it’s beliefs with statements such as

“It’s a complicated product for buyers to understand so it takes a lot of time for them to understand what they need to know before they buy.” (Belief)

“Our clients have to go through a process at their end before deciding.” (Belief) Yada, yada, yada.

And of course these statements were true…….for them.

They did find their product hard to sell and prospects did take several weeks to reach a decision.

Until such time as the beliefs and assumptions were changed to…

“Selling our products is simple and easy. Clients reach decisions quickly because they see the value in acting fast. We always get a decision within 7 days.”

And the new beliefs and assumptions became their new truth!


Or believable.

Your choice.

What I know is the net impact it had on that business. Many would think that unbelievable too!


Our experience in life will ultimately be an accurate reflection of our underlying thoughts, beliefs and assumptions about ourselves, what we’re capable of and of the world and those around us.

We can never outperform our own state of consciousness. Our results and other people will always reflect our beliefs and assumptions back to us.


We are always in a position of choice.

Challenging as it may be, we always have the ability to choose thoughts which are in harmony with our desires and and to create new beliefs and assumptions which align with our vision, goals and desires.

Yes, it requires some mental discipline – at least until we embed the new beliefs and assumptions in our subconscious – but if we’re serious about changing one or more aspects of our lives, then the simplest, fastest, easiest (and only) way to do this is to change our beliefs, assumptions and mental diet.

The alternative is to give our power away and that renders us helpless.