7 Levels Of Awareness – Which Are You On?

13th February 2019

If we want to achieve a (big) goal that’s been eluding us for some time, it’s likely we need to raise our level of awareness before we’ll accomplish the goal.

There are 7 levels of awareness (consciousness) and while we may each bounce back and forward between levels from time to time, every person primarily operates at one of the 7 levels.

In seeking to be, do and have more and to achieve our goals, we must raise ourselves out of the lower, (shallower) levels of consciousness and up towards Mastery.


When we succeed in doing and sustaining this, we put ourselves in control of our life and we respond to what’s going on rather than reacting to it.

Let’s look at the role each level of awareness plays in impacting our ability to reach our goals…

In identifying which level we function on most of the time, we gain an understanding of the journey to mastery and to achieving our (previously elusive) goals.


When we operate at this level, we are in “fight, flight or freeze” mode.

This is where we allow our current circumstances (and not our goals or desires), to dictate our life. At the animalistic level, we react based on whatever is going on around us.


At this level of consciousness, we follow the crowd instead of doing our own thinking or goal-setting.

At the mass level, we seek to conform rather than to be creative.

“The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it’s conformity.”

At this level, we don’t consciously choose the things we want to be, do or have because our conditioning and our paradigms are really in charge and doing the choosing.


We may remain at the level of mass consciousness and follow the crowd for years however at some point, something inside of us seeks the expression of something better; something greater. We know we are capable of more.

So many people remain stuck at this level because their paradigms prevent them from taking the required action and so their dreams, desires and aspirations remain as mere hopes and wishes.


At this level, we want to express our uniqueness as a human being. We begin to dream in new ways. We realise there is no one quite like us, and that we have unique gifts.

However, every time we start to move forward in expressing our uniqueness, the paradigm pulls us back to Level 2.

Despite this, the desire remains within us and as we keep coming back to it, we enter into a tug-of-war with our paradigm which continues to pull us back.


Here we realise that the only way to move towards our goal is to give ourself a command and follow it—regardless of what’s going on around us.

However, as soon as we start to do this, the paradigm starts fighting back.

Before long, our resolve, focus and discipline starts to dissipate. And so we find ourselves stuck…AGAIN!

What we’ve got to do here is to train ourself to follow a command and to overpower our paradigm. Otherwise, we’re destined to keep doing what we’ve been doing and to keep getting what we’ve been getting.

So when our resolve and discipline does starts to fade, we must remain aware enough to give ourselves the command that we are going to do whatever it is NOW!”

And then we must step out and do it. And keep doing it until the paradigm dies from lack of nourishment. However, it will work only if the goal is something we really want and not something we merely think we want.


When we apply steadfast discipline and we see the desired results manifest, the experience gained reinforces our awareness of our abilities. And so we empower ourselves to do more of the same.

Experiential learning is real learning. It becomes unnecessary to gather outside information. At this level, we know that all of the answers that we are looking for can be found within.


At this level, we respond rather than react. We know how to think properly, and we take the actions that produce our desired results.  We’re no longer controlled by habits that don’t serve us.

We have learned and understand the 7 primary laws of the universe and how the science works and we’ve used our experience to fine-tune our ability to work in harmony with the laws and to achieve one goal after the other.

Only a small percentage of the population reaches this point; however, we all have the mental faculties and the capacity to do so.

The only thing stopping us from being, doing and having whatever we really want is ourselves.

As we keep studying and focusing on what we want, our awareness will increase.

At each new level of awareness, the conditions, circumstances and environment will change and as we adapt to the changes, we’ll then be able to see the next step.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King

We don’t need to see how to get to our goal from where we are right now.

However, every time we take a step ahead, we get new results and from there we can see where to go or what to do next.

Right now, a higher side of you is urging you to step out and create.

And yet your paradigm is nagging at you, wanting you to stay the same and stay stuck.

Ultimately the choice is ours and our choice will determine whether we create or disintegrate.