A Secret Weapon For Winning The Day

19th June 2019

Do you ever wake up feeling just….. grateful?

I believe gratitude is like a secret weapon for winning the day and it’s a skill which can be developed over time.

Every day we’re bombarded with crap about money, the economy, politics and with what’s wrong in the world. Crap which can set us up for worry, doubt, fear and anxiety.

And every day we have our own personal and professional challenges to contend with too.

Yet, despite all of this, we also have a choice as to whether we’re going to let the crap and the challenges have a negative impact or whether we’re going to focus instead on all we have to be grateful for, on where we’re going and on what lessons our challenges are inviting us to learn.

The truth is MOST people have cultivated the ability to find and talk about negative situations, circumstances and things they’re not happy about. Or to talk negatively about (or blame) others.

And in a way, that’s a skill too….. being adept at noticing or finding what’s wrong or difficult or bad or negative.

And for some people; it’s a physiological addiction. An addiction to crap and negativity which keeps them stuck in a pattern of results they don’t want.

Causation is internal – someone isn’t negative because nothing is going right. Nothing is going right because they’re negative!

Now, I’m not saying we should completely ignore what we consider ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’; what I am saying is that if we get emotionally involved in it; we’re very unlikely to realise the desired outcome.

What I’m also saying is that if we choose to focus on and start looking for the great things that are happening, for the incredible opportunities and for all that we have to be and to feel grateful for; we’ll find and experience more of it.

It’s the way it works!

The uncomfortable truth is that what we focus on mentally always expands in our physical experience!

Gratitude is a rock-solid antidote for fear….. it’s impossible for us to feel gratitude and fear at the same time.

And of course when we’re not feeling fearful, we think and act differently and when we think and act differently; we create differently too.

Even if life is not exactly as we might want it; this truly is an amazing time to be on this planet and feeling grateful makes it all the more amazing.