Are You Blocking Your Own Success?

17th August 2020

Are you making this success-blocking mistake?

If so, doing what I share here will literally change your life.

(Note: This applies not just to business but to any aspect of our lives).

Word for word, here’s what I was asked on Friday afternoon….

“Rob, can you help? I just can’t figure out how my new business can really succeed.”

“And I’m very worried what will happen if I can’t make it a success.”

Let’s start by looking at the first part of what was said to me:

In doing so, I’ll draw on Neville Goddard’s response to a similar question asked of him by someone attending one of his 1960’s lectures in New York…

“You are relieved of that responsibility. You do not have to make your business success a reality; it already is!

Although your concept of self seems so far removed from the successful venture you now contemplate, it exists now as a reality within you…

Ask yourself how you would feel and what you would be doing if your business venture were a great success.

Become identified with that character and feeling and you will be amazed how quickly you will realise your dream. 

The only sacrifice you are called upon to make is to give up your present concept of self and appropriate the desire you want to express.”

Now to the second part of what was said to me. The part which highlights the presence of worry, (doubt and fear)….

In an attempt to avoid feeling afraid and fearful, the mind goes into “figure it out mode”. 

Being in “figure it out mode” distracts us from feeling the fear.

But the problem is that when you go into this mode, you can NOT feel your ideal as real either.

Beta brain waves predominate – and this is why imaginal sessions done in ‘figure it out mode’ don’t work at all.

Counterintuitive as it may seem, the key to finding ALL of the answers is to STOP trying to figure it all out.

Stop trying to figure out how to make the success in the outer world happen and instead move your focus inward to YOU. 

Because this changes everything IMMEDIATELY.

And notice the shift here isn’t from ‘negative to positive.’ This isn’t about positive thinking!

It’s about YOU MOVING from your outer world to the inner you – and this works AMAZINGLY because this is where ALL the power is.

All the power to create the success you want is in becoming FULLY IDENTIFIED with the kind of person who already has the level of success you want.

The power is in MOVING NOW to occupy this ‘state’.

The power is in shifting your own consciousness.

Because the success in your outside world is always an outcome of what’s gone on in your inside world first.

What we want to see expressed must firstly be impressed.

Objective success FOLLOWS subjective success, it does not precede.

One leads, the other follows. It can be no other way.