18th August 2020


If we fuel a petrol engine with diesel or a diesel engine with petrol, the consequences show up fast.

We’re swiftly moved to remedy the error and are (usually) more alert to choosing the correct fuel in future!

If we fuel our bodies with low quality, fast-food, trans-fats and refined carbs, the consequences show up but they’re not as immediate or correlatable.

The feedback loop means cause and effect are not always obvious and behaviour change is therefore less urgent, slower and more challenging.

If we fuel our minds with low quality, negative or limiting thoughts, the consequences are every bit as immediate as putting diesel in a petrol engine.

The challenge we have is in being aware of the consequences.

Cause and effect are frequently not correlated at all.

We might never stop to question why we think the thoughts we do, why we believe what we believe or what the consequences of our thinking really are.

Given that our thoughts have more influence on our health, wealth, relationships, income and business than anything else, why wouldn’t we be more thoughtful about the thought fuel we take onboard?

What might the consequences be if we consistently aligned our thoughts with our dreams and not our fears?

Food for thought?