Is This Killing Your Success?

1st June 2020

One of the biggest barriers to growth / causes of failure among entrepreneurs and business owners today is a lack of FOCUS.

Focus requires discipline and practice. (Especially in times of change).

The ability to focus is derived from flexing and strengthening our mental muscle of will.

Will – as distinct from willpower – gives us the ability to focus on one thing for a pre-determined period of time.

And if we don’t practice focusing, our ability to focus diminishes.

Like a muscle, it atrophies.

And if we’re not careful, we end up skimming through our days. weeks, years and lives..

Bouncing from one task to another without ever driving the depth or completion or reaping the rewards we could have experienced if we’d only focused.

We fool ourselves with our busy-ness.

Spinning lots of plates, we wear the “I’m so busy” badge with a degree of pride.

And take pride in the number of outcomes we’re aiming at this month or quarter.

But where does this get us? Really?

What if you picked just ONE outcome?

And then considered the objectives required to deliver this ONE outcome.

So many entrepreneurs have so many outcomes that they can’t think straight.

“So much to do, so little time to do it…. Not enough hours in the day….”

I was a master at this for years! Kidding and killing myself with my busy-ness!

But not enough time is just an excuse for failing in the ability to FOCUS.

One of the reasons a lack of focus is tolerated is that it doesn’t prevent you from making money….

What it does however is prevent you from making a lot of money… in a lot less time.

Lack of FOCUS has a MASSIVE (hidden), opportunity cost!

So what can you do to acquire more focus?

Sit down and work out what the SINGLE most IMPORTANT outcome is for you and your business right now.

DECIDE to narrow your attention on the objectives that will deliver this outcome… until you’ve delivered it.

Accept that there will always be other things seeking (or screaming for) your attention. Which may or may not be important.

Accept that your entrepreneurial brain will constantly be having new thoughts and ideas you want to put into practice. Always.

Set up clear boundaries around your entrepreneurial A.D.D.

Such as… you won’t do X,Y or Z until you’ve done 4 consecutive months of £XXX / delivered your number one priority outcome.

You must literally protect yourself from all the ideas you want to implement.

Because attempting to do too many things will crush you and your business.

Understand your behaviour and results are all driven by your mindset, your beliefs and your consequent ability to focus and to THINK.

Invest in flexing and developing your mental muscles so you can use them to connect with and create the results you really want.