The Only Way To Get Unstuck

21st May 2020

Everyone gets stuck at some point in their life.

Even the ‘gurus’ who pretend otherwise.

Different people become stuck with different things.

Money, career, income, sales, business growth, relationships, health, weight, etc.

They want more / better / different but try as they might, they can’t seem to make it happen.

At least not over an extended period.  It’s like there’s an invisible ceiling in the way.

And Being Stuck Sucks.

I know from personal experience.

Unsurprisingly, different people have different theories for why they’ve become stuck in the first place.

  • For some, it’s an event or trauma in their life which they can’t get beyond.

  • For some, it’s to do with ‘things’ like other people, the boss, the employees, the economy, the market or the industry they’re in…

  • For some, it’s the FEAR of what might happen if they do actually do what they so badly want to do and stop doing what they no longer want to do!

  • And for some, it’s head in the sand denial mixed with hope that next week or next month or next year will be different.

Also unsurprising, given the number of people seeking to get unstuck, is the abundance of advice and information available on how to get unstuck!

There are countless thousands of theories, tactics, strategies, tools, fixes, methods, therapies and modalities available.

And of course there are also countless thousands who can help you or at least who promise they can.

Which is in itself part of the problem. Confusion reigns!

But a MUCH, MUCH bigger part of the problem is that almost all of the available ‘solutions’ only treat or deal with the symptoms and not the root cause.

And if we’re going to succeed in getting unstuck and free ourselves up to soar and thrive (as we’re supposed to), we must address the root cause of the problem.

Because treating the symptoms is just like using a Bandaid.

Sooner or later it’s going to fall off.

So what is the root cause and how do you get unstuck?

The root cause is simply this:

Our thinking.

Yet it’s so simple that most people reject this idea in favour of either wanting to make it more complicated or investing in something external.

Yet our thinking is the one and only thing we must learn to change to get unstuck.

Unless and until we do, not much is going to change.

Because “we become what we think about.”

And the problem here is most people allow their memories or their current circumstances and results in respect of income, business career, health etc. to drive their thinking.

So they create more of the same.

To get unstuck we’ve got to flip this on its head.

And go from our results driving our thinking to our thinking driving our results!

We’ve got to learn how to think from whatever we want and not to it from where we are today.

We’ve got to shift our consciousness from ‘what is’ to ‘what’s wanted’.

It really is this simple.

The problem is were conditioned to believe otherwise so we look elsewhere for answers.

And although simple, it’s not easy to do when you’re surrounded by the evidence of your old and current ways of thinking.