It’s Easy To Believe What We Believe Is True.

1st July 2019

It’s easy for us to believe that what we believe is actually true.

It’s more difficult to accept that our ‘results’ are in fact a reflection of our beliefs.

It’s easy to blame our ‘results’ on other “things”..

…like people, situations or circumstances.

…like the market, the economy, the business, the boss or Brexit.

…like lack of time or resources.

It’s easy to act on our beliefs, to then collect proof of those beliefs and to re-affirm them as true.

It’s easy to not change.

It’s easy to stay in our small, self-limiting bubble.

It’s easy to keep up the struggle and to stay stuck with a familiar (but unwanted) pattern of results.

Yet increasing our self-awareness will move us miles.

Increasing our self-awareness will also move us quickly and sustainably.

Greater self-awareness moves us to accept responsibility.

And accept the often uncomfortable truth that we are the creators of our ‘personal reality’ and results.

That these are simply the outcome of our habitual ways of thinking.

And that creating the changes we may want to experience on the outside is only possible when we create change on the inside.

In short, we must learn how to think in alignment with the results we want; not from our current results.

Self-awareness and understanding helps us to do this.

Increased self-awareness will give us all we need to  prioritise our goals, to find the solutions we require to accomplish them and to manage ourselves in the process.

Self-awareness will help us to grow, to accomplish more, to feel fulfilled and ALIVE inside, to find our PURPOSE, to live on purpose and to provide greater SERVICE to others.

Self-awareness is the gateway to our goals and dreams.

But ironically, the biggest obstacle to increasing our self-awareness is admitting we aren’t self-aware enough!

That one’s tough.