My Favourite Tool For Getting Out Of A Funk.

12th July 2020

We all get into a mental funk from time to time.

Funks are the net result of becoming emotionally involved with thoughts which are not aligned with what it is we want.

Truth be told, I used to spend more time in a funk than out of one.

Thankfully funk time is rare for me now but if I do fall into one, I have a few tools I use to get back in the saddle of feeling good fast.

Maybe you’re not much of a funker but if you are, here’s one of my very favourite (scientifically proven) tools that you can use to shift yourself fast.


What’s great about it is you can use it anytime not just for quickly lifting yourself up and out of a funk but for keeping yourself out of one too!

In fact, this tool is so great that if you use it every day, it will actually support you to transform your entire life!

B.S. !!??

I’m serious.

Try it for just 11 days (yes, eleven) and see for yourself, even if it’s just to prove me wrong.


The Fifty Plus List is simple.

It simply involves two things.

The first is to write out a list of FIFTY or more things you’re grateful for.

The second is to consciously move from it being a list writing exercise to actually invoking feelings of gratitude for whatever is on your list.

By this I mean to really feel the feeling.

Now you may already be familiar with gratitude lists and the various reasons for and benefits of them.

In fact you’d probably have to have been living under a rock not to have read about gratitude and it’s benefits before now.


You may want to know why the FIFTY PLUS LIST is so much more powerfully effective than every other gratitude list or practice.

Still here?


Before we get to this, let’s briefly cover off some gratitude basics.

Why Gratitude?

In the world we live in today, it’s very easy to become influenced and impacted by all that’s ‘wrong’.

Watching or listening to the News is one way of becoming impacted (unless you’re consciously exercising your ability to only take in the information intellectually).

People everywhere are also addicted to fear and negativity. They’re invariably keen to share bad news and any number of things to be worried about (that haven’t yet happened).

So, if we’re not paying attention, it’s easy to become consumed with associated thoughts of worry and doubt and for us to impress these on our subconscious which in turn sets up fear and anxiety.

And of course anxiety doesn’t tend to be expressed, it gets suppressed and this puts us in a funk, not just mentally but physically too.

We can literally feel it in our body.


Where there is bad there is always good and we always have a choice as to what to focus on.

And what we choose to focus on expands in our awareness. It has to. It’s a basic law of nature. What we give energy to grows and what we starve of energy withers and dies.

What’s great about gratitude is that gratitude is not an easy bed fellow for worry, doubt, fear and anxiety!

Like oil and water, they don’t tend to mix well.

In fact, when we’re focused on what we’re grateful for, the feelings of worry, doubt, fear and anxiety literally disappear….. because we’re no longer feeding them!

So Gratitude in and of itself is a great practice for feeling good.


Because writing Fifty things or more really forces you to think about what you have to be grateful for.

It forces a gratitude consciousness.

It’s really easy to write a list of ten things but this doesn’t really force us to think and it also doesn’t move us emotionally,

On the other hand, when we write 50 things, we become very conscious of all that we have to be grateful for…. including the things that so many others on the planet don’t have!

Like hot water. Like drinking water. Like the ability to freeze or refrigerate food. Like electricity and heating, the internet, friends, loved ones, having two legs and two eyes, a warm, dry bed, local shops…

When we get into the groove of writing our list, we swing our consciousness towards gratitude and when we get going we can even write down things to feel gratitude for TODAY, BEFORE they are actually in our experience.

How does this make sense?

Well think bout it.

We do it the other way all the time!

We feel worry, doubt and fear for what we’re afraid might show up in our experience so why not feel grateful for what we want to show up!

And on and on.

And here’s why this is so transformational…

When we practice gratitude and make it part of our daily lives, the interesting thing is more things to be grateful for start to show up.

It’s almost as if our thoughts are magnetic!

It’s almost as if our thoughts create our reality!

And that’s because they are and they do.

Emotionalised thoughts are creative in nature. Science proves this to be true.

So. we’d be wise to consider forming the habit of thinking and emotionalising the thoughts which align with the direction we want our lives to go in!

Thoughts and feelings of things wanted versus unwanted!

Developing an attitude of gratitude really will transform your life!

The question is whether or not you’ll put it to the test.