This Is Game Changing!

15th September 2020

Most people make it look like a WAR. One of hard work, long hours, busyness, trying harder and doing more. (I know I did).


Creating the changes we really want in life and business is really a GAME.

A game of becoming.

The order of play is BE > DO > HAVE; not the other way around.

There’s a clue in the word ‘Behave’.

To have and experience different, we’ve got to BE different FIRST.

And yes, to DO this, we’re most likely going to have to BE a little uncomfortable for a while.

(But not in the way we might currently think).

Being different to experience different depends on ONE thing more than anything else.

On thinking differently.

There is no other way.

Muhammad Ali knew this.

He understood winning in the ring started and finished in the mind.

By his own admission he said: “I am the greatest” long before he ever knew he was.

And long before the evidence showed up.

(There’s a clue in the word BE-FORE too).

Today Ali is still referred to as The Greatest Of All Time.

The truth is that if we really do want what we think we want, the only person we need to prove it to is ourself.

And we prove it best by getting serious about our mental diet.

By BEING disciplined about the one and only thing any of us have complete control and freedom over.

What and how we think.

(Nobody can cause us to think anything we don’t want to think).

We can’t think thoughts of lack and expect to experience abundance.

We can’t think thoughts of difficulty and experience it being easy.

We can’t keep telling ourself (and others) the old story and expect to live a new one.

Yes, we can always create excuses. Yes, we can always choose blame.

Yes, we can choose to allow our thinking to be driven by our current situation or our past.

BUT if we’re finding more excuses than reasons…

If we’re blaming circumstances, other people, our history, things or ourselves; we might want to stop and have a proper think.

Including thinking whether we REALLY do want what we think we want.

Or whether we just think we do.

Because changing our thinking not only requires commitment and discipline…

It not only requires a rejection of our old stories and rejection of the lies we’ve bought into about ourselves and about who we are and what we’re capable of….

Changing our thinking also requires a compelling reason.

It requires us to know what it is we really want.

To have a compelling Vision for our future.

A vision with it’s own gravitational pull.

Because we’ll never change our thinking without one. Or at least not for long enough.

Simply attempting to move away from what’s unwanted is way too hard.

We’ve got to find our why and we’ve got to fuse with it.

Because learning how to ‘think’ FROM our Vision before the evidence shows up – just as Muhammad Ali did – will fuel and drive us when things on the outside don’t reflect our aspirations and desires.

And of course our thinking always drives our BE-HAVIOUR and our subsequent results. Wanted or not.

What’s game changing is to learn how to win on the inside first. That way we get to bring on our success story on the outside.

What’s game changing is to learn that it can never work the other way around. Try as we might.

It’s definitely not for everyone but if you’d like to learn how to master your mind, take charge of your thinking, determine what it is you really want and how to think to guarantee you achieve your goals, the next Mindset Mastery Bootcamp starts at the end of this month.

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